TBolt damaged?
(too old to reply)
John or Susan Lundberg
2018-11-03 14:40:29 UTC
I had been running my Thunderbolt GPSDO and a TICC/T2 setup with an old WIN XP desktop computer until, a couple of weeks ago, a power fluctuation broke the PC. Now I am trying to figure out if the TB is also broken...

It is built into a box with its own linear power supply, all voltages are good.

I replaced the desktop with a WIN XP laptop and updated its Lady Heather to 5.0. When I open LH:
-it performs the receiver autodetect in about 10 secs
-it displays, briefly, “No Com1 serial port data seen”, then
-opens the normal screen of information except the satellite data field is empty
-at 30 seconds, LH stops. The fields all go blank except for the small amount of data that had been plotted in the plot field, and the words “Log: OFF” appear near the top cent of the screen.

I then tried the TBoltmon.exe program:
-all alarm indicators are green
-the TX and RX indicators alternately are green at about 2/sec rate.
-disconnecting the GPS antenna causes the antenna open and satellite tracking alarm indicators to change to yellow, BUT
-the SV and AMU fields all show “?”.
-I replaced the antenna with a new one, but there is no change in behavior. There is 5V on the antenna cable.
-The latitude and longitude fields stay at fixed values (which correspond to my location) with no updating. An attempted self-survey did not start.
-Rcvr mode: (7) Overdet Clock (time)
-GPS Status: (0) doing fixes
-Disciplining status: (0)Normal
-Activity: (0)Phase locking
-PPS field: values are below 10 ns.
-10 MHz: –0.0x ppb.

Is there something I have overlooked? Thank you for your time,
John W2TX
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