Microsecond WWVB-Disciplined Rubidium Oscillator
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Kevin Croissant
2018-12-05 20:18:15 UTC
Hi all,

This is my first post to time-nuts, though I've been following the list for
a few years now. I've been reading the WWVB discussion over the past couple
days and keeping up as best as I can, and wanted to mention that I
presented at ION PTTI 2018 about microsecond level WWVB. I also include
some details about my hardware setup and signal processing stuff in the
paper and presentation. We're working on another paper now that will be out
soon, hopefully.

Presentation: http://www.kevincroissant.com/WWVB/WWVB_PTTI_2018.pdf
Paper: http://www.kevincroissant.com/WWVB/WWVB_PTTI_2018_paper.pdf

I haven't worked on WWVB too much recently, as I've been preoccupied by our
Cubesat project for measuring GNSS Interconstellation Timing Biases --
that's another cool project that hopefully I get to share with you guys
someday soon.

I'll do my best to answer any questions, though this is the week before
final exams for me, so I am a little busy.

Kevin Croissant
Undergraduate Researcher
Avionics Engineering Center, Ohio University
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