Spectracom Netclock 2 (cannot enter date time manually)
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D. Resor
2018-04-14 07:47:42 UTC
I know this should be as simple as reading the manual however...

I am using Tera Term with a PC laptop connected from serial port to serial


9600 Baud

Data: 8 bit

Parity: None

Stop: 1 bit

Flow control: none

The cable is a DB9 to DB9 "Straight Through" Serial Cable of 6.6 ft length
(New pre-made cable).

Dip Switch 4 which allows manual setting of the Netclock 2 is enabled (on).

It updates the Tera Term window every second in Format 1 (which is the same
as the rotary switch setting) with its current Day, Date, Month, Year as if
the (T)ime command is being issued again and again.

It ignores any and all commands found in the manual.

I'm at a loss.

Donald R. Resor Jr. T. W. & T. C. Svc. Co.

Hammond USA warranty service
"Most people don't have a sense of humor. They think they do, but they
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