Samsung GPSDO : Chinese surplus
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Gregory Beat via time-nuts
2018-09-05 23:27:39 UTC
I have seen two (2) different surplus Samsung GPSDO units (10 MHz) appear on Yoycart (Chinese market) and eBay, over the last few weeks, in the $100 USD price range.

I assume Mark Sims has not yet examined these units, for Lady Heather inclusion??
Samsung STP 2848 LF (10 MHz) using uBlox GPS, unknown model
Yoycart market

Samsung STP 2945 LF (10 MHz) using uBlox LEA-6T-1 (programmable Flash option)
eBay auction: 332792680396
eBay seller: queen*s_land (China)

uBlox LEA-6T product brochure

greg, w9gb
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Mark Sims
2018-09-06 18:31:01 UTC
These are Samsung's version of the "UCCM" series of GPSDOs. Lady Heather now works with them. I had to tweak the code to handle their funky/erratic end-of-line sequences... various versions of CR/LF, LF, LF/CR. Their STATUS screen and some message responses are also a bit different. They do tell you the antenna current.
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