NPL Open House 2018 prepare for 2019
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Bo Hansen
2018-05-19 08:45:49 UTC

This is a very early warning for the 2019 event.

Thursday 17/5 Michael, OZ2ELA, and I attended the NPL Open House 2018 event: <http://www.npl.co.uk/open-house/> Our visit was both to attend the event but also to see what NPL uses the Next Generation Beacons units for.

It was a really interesting event with lots of information for those interested in "the measure of all things", e.g. the work on the optical clock aiming for a 1 x 10^-20.

If the above link and the program sounds interesting then look out for the 2019 event. If you are an international subscriber to this list it is worth a travel. NPL is only 10 km from London Heathrow. When the 2019 invitation is published I advice you to download the Visitor Guide study it and plan your route.

A great thanks to Jochen and Giuseppe!

Bo, OZ2M

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