Lady Heather v6.05 for WIndows
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Mark Sims
2018-06-30 18:59:43 UTC
I have updated the post on EEVBLOG that has the .exe file for the beta version of Lady Heather for WIndows... it is now v6.05:


V6.05 adds support for a few new devices (like the Venus RTK receivers, Ashtech Z12, Lars GPSDO, dogratian.com and Looking For Solutions) environmental sensors).

There are several cosmetic tweaks.

A major new feature is the ability to write RINEX files for receivers that can output satellite RAW observation data. RINEX files can be processed to produce very accurate positions (typically 150-250mm for L1 only receivers, 10mm for L1/L2 receivers). The recommended online processor is CSRS-PPP from Natural Resources of Canada (NARCAN)... they seem to be the only service that supports L1 only data.

Another new feature is support for environmental (temperature/humidity/pressure) sensors.
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