PRS10 lamp voltage
(too old to reply)
Jean-Paul Sabatier
2018-06-14 08:55:33 UTC

I am a new subscriber to the list ! I am located in France and I play with
time and frequency instruments on my free time.

Recently I've bought an used FS725 unit with a PRS10 oscillator in it. I
was wondering how can I estimated the age of the Rubidium oscillator. I
think the age is related to the lamp voltage but which voltage should I
read ? In the documentation, there are a lot of parameters, for example
AD3 : Drain voltage to lamp FET / 10
AD4 : Gate voltage to lamp FET / 10
Which one is related to the lamp aging and what are the standard values for
a new oscillator ?

I have an LPRO oscillator and with it I can measure easily the voltage
directly. A new unit is at about 15V and it decrease slowly (about 20


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