time-nuts Digest, Black Star counter defunct
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2018-09-30 20:15:29 UTC
Hi, does anyone have any idea why a "Black Star" 2.4GHz counter would stop working on all ranges?

Display updating fine and buttons work but signal has no effect on any of the 3 input BNCs.
The oscillator looks OK but to be honest this was calibrated sometime in 1997 so it may just be too old :-(

thanks, -Andre

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What's a clever, simple, reliable (pick 2 of 3) way to get 16 MHz out of 10 MHz? Low phase noise isn't a big requirement and jitter doesn't need to be sub-nanosecond. The main requirement is perfect cycle count accuracy. This is for driving a 16 MHz microcontroller from a 10 MHz Rb/Cs/GPSDO. 10 MHz input is likely sine; 16 MHz output is 3v3 or 5v CMOS.
I would say some sort of TCXO crystal oscillator PLL'd to the original signal using tuning diode on one leg of the crystal.
A good way to get one is to strip down an old USB to LAN module or even an optical mouse, 16 MHz is also used in Arduinos.

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