Open day at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) on Thursday 17 May 2018.
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Dr. David Kirkby
2018-04-03 21:08:13 UTC
NPL opens their doors to the public once every 2 years. It is well worth
going. Tickets are only 3.00 each, and that money is donated to a cancer
charity. More details at


To make the most of it, you need to

1) Arrive early (14:00)
2) Leave when they close (20:00)
3) Walk around the many labs. Even 6 hours is not enough time to visit

I think you need to be reasonably fit, since it is not a place where you
sit down in a chair and listen to lectures all day.

I think NPL do a really good job, as they manage to put on something that
is interesting to both children and professional scientists. Lots of
schools have trips there for the day.

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