Racal SA510 1MHz frequency standard
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tom burkart
2018-11-04 07:19:36 UTC
Hi all,
just wondering whether there is any information available on the
following OCXO:

1 Mc/s frequency standard
Type No SA510
Racal Electronics Ltd
Bracknell Berkshire
Made in England

All the information I have is on the second label:

Pin connection
1 common -ve
2 varactor supply
3 H.T. +ve
4 O.P. shield
5 O.P.
6 18V reg
7 varactor -ve
8 varactor +ve

I am surmising that the heater is around 24V, but rather than
guessing, I am asking here as google has come up empty (probably wrong
search term?)

Kind regards,

Tom Burkart

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