Radiocode Clocks RFS-1000 Off Air Frequency Standard
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gandalfg8--- via time-nuts
2018-12-06 12:22:07 UTC
This is a 1980s vintage small self contained desktop unit with built in ferrite rod antenna that seems to have come in two flavours, 60KHz from MSF and 198KHz from Droitwich, and given the age perhaps there was also an earlier 200KHz version.

I've just acquired an MSF version but so far have not been able to find any online information whatsoever, so hoping somebody here might be able to help.
I'll attach a photo, if it doesn't get through I can supply a copy off list.
Most of the operation is obvious, although the purpose of a "Sync" switch so fare eludes me, but I suspect it might benefit from a bit of tweaking.Internally though it consists of two modules in soldered tin plate boxes and I'm reluctant to disturb those without  a bit more information.
Nigel GM8PZR